Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites

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Website Design

Unless you're in a cookie-cutter business, you should get more than a cookie-cutter website. There are thousands of templates out there to use as inspiration or direction, but what will fit you best is what is made just for your business.



For many startups and smaller businesses, your website is where your brand is born. It's where your look and feel take shape, and where your brand promise is articulated.

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Site Makeovers

If you no longer love sending people to your website, let's freshen it up, or even rebuild it. Your outdated website isn't doing anyone any good –  except for maybe your competitors. Websites need to stay current to stay relevant, which also helps with functionality, security, and the almighty SEO.

Content Development

Your content has to serve two masters – your potential customers and the search engines. The search engines feed on keywords and page structure while your customers feed on trust, value, solutions, excitement, or whatever goodies they hope to find.


Hosting & Domains

If we're starting at square one with your website, we can get you set up with a domain name and hosting. Some hosting plans include regular maintenance and troubleshooting. We give you options and you're free to chose what works best for you.



Every site is built with on-site SEO optimization from content to meta tags. We do the keyword research to make sure your business is what customers find in their search.

How We Work

Creating a good website takes teamwork and collaboration. You may know exactly what you want or you may have no idea just yet. We have the experience to ask the right questions, provide suggestions and options, and get you to where you want to be.


We start with a quick discussion of what you know your needs are, and perhaps bat around a few ideas. We'll get a rough idea of number of pages, functionality requirements, and your objectives to come up with a ballpark estimate for costs and timing.


This is where we get into the nitty gritty with the details of your objectives for your site. We'll see what assets you already have (logo, images, video) and what you may need. We'll ask good questions and make sure we have a clear understanding of your business and website objectives.


We have an award-winning copywriter who can write all the content, or you can supply it yourself. If you supply the writing, we will review it and may suggest edits. We'll help you deliver compelling messages.


The fun begins! We'll design your home page first, and get your feedback and approval before proceeding with the rest of the site. As we build it out, you will be able to see it develop, and give feedback along the way.


We'll train anyone on your end who would like to make changes and updates to the site. We use a platform that's very easy to learn – even for non-technical people.


We'll all give the site a nice test drive, kick the tires, click all the links and make sure it's ready for prime time.


Your website should be a living breathing thing, for search engines and potential customers. Regular updates to content keeps it fresh. That can be a blog, having special promotions, new photos, events, etc. You can do your own content updates, or we can set up a plan to do them for you.


Every website needs it. Ignoring updates to your WordPress theme and plugins can create security issues and affect site performance. We can include this in your hosting package so you never have to worry about it.


If your website ever has a technical issue, or you just can't figure out how to do something (after your training) we can resolve the issue. We can do it on a case by case basis or we can include it in your hosting plan.



Some web designers own your site, and don't allow you any access to it. You'll pay dearly for simple changes you could easily make yourself. With Concept Shop, you are free to make changes as you wish, whenever you want, at no charge.