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Posted on Mar 24, 2013

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Renée has written hundreds of articles for Purina’s petcentric website. For most articles, she came up with the topic, did all the research, writing and SEO. Below are a few favorites.





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Disabled Dogs & Cats

Blind, deaf and three-legged pets live full happy lives

Speed, Height, Agility – Your Amazing Cat Has it All

Admire your feline athlete

Smart, Active Cats

Good Cat Care Includes Keeping Her Mind Sharp

Train Your Dog to Run on a Treadmill

Help Your Dog Get Fit and Walk Off Behavior Problems

Dogs Love Running!

Dogs See Exercise Differently from Most People

Walking Your Cat

Leash Training Lets Kitty Explore the Outdoors Safely

Pet-Friendly Cruises

Cunard Pampers Your Dog or Cat Aboard Ocean Cruises

Canine Hydrotherapy

Dog paddling their way to health and healing

What is My Mutt Made Of?

Doggie DNA Test reveals the mix in your mixed breed dog

Remodeling for Pets

Creating a custom home design with pets in mind

Who’s Smarter – Dogs or Cats?

Not that we’re taking sides.

Animal Intelligence

How Can Anyone Measure the Intelligence of a Cat or Dog?

The Meanings Behind the Meows In Cat Language, Meows are Reserved for People

Odd Pet Laws

Every city has them!

Hemmingway’s Cats

Descendants of the Author’s Cats Still Rule His Home