Peel Wood Fired Pizza Branding

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

Peel Branding Campaign

Peel billboard

Outdoor Board


We were asked to do the branding for Peel after it had been open for nearly a year. They had the name and logo, remarkably delicious food, and a successful business, but did not yet have a look and feel.

Peel counter shot

Web page shot

The earthy warm colors were inspired by the decor of the restaurant, which were no doubt inspired by the flames in the 800° wood burning oven.

Peel Ad horizontal

Print Ad

We worked to create a feel of gourmet but in a comfortable, relaxed environment. We spent a day photographing the prepping of the ingredients, the making of the crust, and of course the wood fired oven and the deliciousness that comes out of it.

Creative Director/Writer: Renée Kennison

Art Director: Scott Pfau

Photographer: Joanne Kreuiter

Agency: BAM

Peel website screen shot