Posted on Sep 9, 2014

mPowered IT Website Development


mPoweredIT Home Page

New website built from scratch for a start-up IT company based in Atlanta. Client needed to hit two specific targets, small schools and small business, with virtually the same IT services. From a content standpoint, many of the product attributes overlapped, but the reasons for using or needing the services was different for each market. In general, small businesses are more concerned with profitability and productivity, while schools are more concerned with adopting tablets in classrooms while controlling student access to online content.  The solution was to essentially duplicate the service pages content, then tweak it so that it can speak specifically to each audience.

The client also wanted to tell the story via whiteboard animation. We researched providers, wrote the scripts and managed the project.

Content Development: Renee Kennison

Designer: Scott Pfau

Animation: WizMotions