Name Generation

What’s in a name? Everything!

Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a new product or service, new technology, or creating anything new, we can generate all kinds of name possibilities!

The right name can make all the difference in how a new “thing” is perceived.

The right name is the foundation for logo creation and the trigger for a great tagline.

Oddly enough, the smaller your marketing budget, the more important it is to develop the right name. If you don’t have a bazillion dollars in media and marketing materials to support your thing-to-be-named, the name itself has to work exceptionally hard. It may have to, almost single-handedly, carry the brand message, positioning, tone, value and/or benefit.

Concept Shop has developed it’s own unique system for name generation that makes is easy for clients to examine the options and narrow the field down to a select few favorites to test.