Posted on Feb 24, 2013

New Product Launch — Packaging & POS Concept



“Farming has always been good for the soul. Now it’s not so bad for my back, either.”



“I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for trucking.
Now it’s in my seat where it does a lot more good.”


“Sitting in a truck for eight hours straight
is way better than sitting for one hour crooked.”


“AIRHAWK is a great investment. I feel like I drove
only two hours, but I get paid for all eight.”


“AIRHAWK changed everything. Now construction
could be considered a cushy job.”


“I’m on my truck seat more than I’m with my wife.
It’s not as pretty, but it’s just as soft.”

When AIRHAWK, leading maker of motorcycle seat cushions wanted to break into a new market with a very different breed of audience – truck drivers, construction workers and farmers – and only had packaging and POS to do it, we knew we had quite a challenge.

An AIRHAWK cushion is very high quality, and much more expensive than its competitors. How do you convince this audience to spend more on a brand they never heard of? How do you gain their trust?

I personally visited several truck stops to get a feel of the environment where these products would be sold. And the answer was all around me. The t-shirts, hats, bumpers and keychains that sold in truck stops all had funny lines and sayings that reminded me of lyrics in country music.

I called it “truck stop wisdom” and we used that flavor to develop testimonial-like lines for the products. We created an upscale look that communicates the quality of the product and respect for the profession.

Airhawk Truck POS

POS Display Card



Creative Director/Writer:
Renée Kennison
Art Director:
Brad Gutting